2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner

2012 Yamaha Wave Runner VX Cruiser
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner 2-Door
Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Stock Number: 100024
Fuel: Gasoline
Warranty: As Is - No Dealer Warranty
Title: Clear
VIN: YAMA2022E313
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Vehicle Description
That hull is one key to the boat’s success. It features enough V forward to part the chop of rough water with ease, but softens that angle as you move aft to offer exceptional stability. That combination makes the boat attractive to both newcomers and experienced riders, as well as makes it a match for a wide variety of riding conditions. Even performance types will find something to like in this tamer powered machine. Slightly rounded chines allow the boat to easily roll into a turn, and produce that inside-lean handling that is so desirable. Crank the VX around in calmer waters and it displays an aggressive side that guarantees you won’t get quickly bored. What happens below the waterline means nothing if the ergonomics above are below par. Here, Yamaha brought the Cruiser concept to a more affordable model by including a tiered, bolstered seat that provides plenty of lower-back support for those longer rides. Its construction is “cut-and-sew,” meaning the individual pieces form nicely to the seat’s shape. That allows those bolsters to do their job while providing a more finished, upscale appearance. The overall shape is ideally sculpted for two, with grab handles located below for the aft passenger. A child will easily squeeze in the middle, but three adults will likely find it a snug fit. From that saddle, the driver has good access to the controls. The footwells feature HydroTurf mats, and the handlebars work in conjunction with the seat to give the driver a nice “multiple contact point” feeling of control. Yamaha MR-1 engine, a 1052cc four-cylinder that produces about 110 hp. That may seem low in initial comparison to the competition, but it’s on-the-water performance that counts. Here, the VX compares well with similar models, reaching a top speed just short of 54 mph and reaching the 30 mph mark in roughly three seconds. Low-end acceleration is adequate for most towing duties, with a smooth, linear pull off the bottom that will muscle skiers and boarders out of the water without yanking their arms off. It’s an engine that’s proven reliable over many, many years, but also one that has shown itself to be quite fuel-efficient. At a 35 mph cruise it consumes less than four gallons per hour. That gives the craft impressive range. An added bonus is that it is optimized to run on regular pump gasoline A remote transmitter can be used car-style to lock the craft against unauthorized use. That same transmitter can also retard the engine power to either maximize fuel efficiency or keep things tamer for less-experienced riders. This ski has low compression on Cyl#1. I suspect it just needs a valve job, but it should be checked out by a mechanic for sure… The ski runs, but it is kind of rough…
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2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 2 - Topeka, KS 66609
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 3 - Topeka, KS 66609
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 4 - Topeka, KS 66609
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 5 - Topeka, KS 66609
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 6 - Topeka, KS 66609
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 7 - Topeka, KS 66609
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 8 - Topeka, KS 66609
2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunner - Photo 9 - Topeka, KS 66609

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